Life Amplified


with Dan Mason

Career and Life Transition Coach and Host of the 

Apple #1 Debut Podcast, Life Amplified

The fastest way to create a thriving career & life 

with more purpose, meaning, and free time.

  • You’re slaving away 50+ hours a week at a job you don’t even like, but you’re not sure how else you could earn a living?

  • You’ve chased job titles and pay raises, but each new rung up the ladder only seems to come with MORE work, MORE pressure, more STRESS... and LESS fulfillment.

  • Most of your conversations revolve around how much you hate your job and people are noticing you aren't yourself.
  • Demands at work and home have left you frustrated, overwhelmed, tired, and exhausted. 

  • Your work is taking a toll on your relationships. You find yourself grumpy, irritable, and losing your temper with the people you love.
  • The activities and hobbies that once energized you now feel like another thing at the bottom of the to-do list.
  • And yet, you see friends and influencers on Instagram who are living their dreams and achieving the elusive "work-life balance." You know it's possible, but you question if it's possible for YOU?

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

You’ve tried therapy, but you’re tired of talking about the same 4 stories 

over and over. You want a path FORWARD.

You’ve read the self-help books full of feel-good phrases like “follow your bliss” 

which sounds GREAT… but how the f**k do you actually DO it 

without failing and going broke?

You don't like to talk about your dreams because you fear the s****y responses from naysayers who tell you your dreams aren't possible.

Confusion about the next right step has kept you from taking any action... now another year is slipping away and you're no closer to your goals.

Yet, your soul is also crying out to do meaningful work, have more satisfying relationships, and to finally create freedom away from the 9-5 corporate life.

If you're saying YES... I see, hear, and feel you! 

In 2012, I was searching for freedom!


 Hi! I'm Dan Mason.

Two things changed my life:

First, I made discovering my purpose my #1 priority.

Second, I surrounded myself with high level mentors and a tribe of like-minded people who supported me as I brought my purpose to life!

Today, I own my own passion-filled business and live in my dream home on the beach. Between my Life Amplified Podcast (which debuted #1 at Apple), my writing, media appearances, and my private coaching, I've helped people in 60 countries to find their purpose and create an amplified career and life on THEIR terms.

I'm a nationally recognized career and life transition coach and host of the Apple #1 Debut Podcast, Life Amplified. I help you break free from the conditioning of who you were TOLD to be so you can finally become the person you really ARE!

But 7 years ago, I was on the other side of the computer screen, going through the motions in a high-paying, low-fulfillment job as a media executive. 

To the outside world, my life was great... Big salary, big house, and a stream of social media photo ops with celebrities.

But inside, I was falling apart. 

I hated my job, was 40 lbs overweight, getting divorced, and battling crippling depression.

I was at rock bottom... and I thought 

I could fix it by myself.

I sat down and wrote a letter to the Universe declaring what would make me happy-- A new job, more money, a slimmer body, etc.

Within 90 days, I lost the weight, sold my house, and moved cross country for a "dream job." I learned how much power we have to create the life we want.

Except the things I thought I wanted didn't make me happier.

The bigger job doing the same work still felt stressful and unfulfilling. I looked leaner, but I still didn't love myself. And I still felt like a slave to corporate America.

I learned that an amplified life isn't the product of more money, a more "important" job, or more stuff. The answer isn't "out there."

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  • Waking up each day BEFORE the alarm, energized and excited about the day ahead.
  • Being 100% certain about what your purpose is and turning it into your paycheck.
  • LOVING your work because it adds meaning and purpose to your life.
  • Working towards big goals, but still having the FREEDOM to meet a friend for lunch without feeling guilty.
  • If your relationships improved because you weren’t bringing the stress of a s****y, soul-sucking job home with you at the end of the day. 
  • Having the CONFIDENCE to follow your dreams and say no to any job, person, or thought system that doesn’t support your happiness and well-being. 
  • Having a mentor and rock-solid tribe of like-minded people who “get” you and believe in your dream… even on the days you don’t!

But you only get these kinds of results when you invest in yourself and make your happiness a bigger priority than the needs of some corporate bigwigs counting money in a boardroom.

Imagine if you were thriving in your amplified life:

If you’re saying YES, your transformation is just one click away.

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Life Amplified


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Here's What's In It For You When You Enroll:

  • Clarity. You will be crystal clear on your life's purpose. You will have a deeper understanding of WHY you do the things you do and why you haven't followed through in the past.
  • A bulletproof action plan and accountability. We’ll break down your big goals into bite-sized pieces so overwhelm is replaced with momentum. With daily goal setting exercises and weekly accountability with Dan and your tribe, you’ll make more progress in 3 months than in the past 3 years.

  • Laser focus.  Dan will share how to take back control of your schedule, increase your productivity, and focus your attention and energy on the things that matter most to you. As your progress increases, so will your confidence.

  • Expert mentorship. Through his podcast, writing, speaking engagements, and private coaching practice, Dan has helped people in 60 countries create a career and life they love. He will be there every step of the way on this journey, through coaching calls and access in an exclusive Facebook group.

  • A rock solid community and daily support. You won’t go on this journey alone. You'll be supported by a like-minded community of people who value a life of purpose over shareholder profit. This is a tribe who "gets" you and wants you to succeed!

Here's your next steps:

Click the apply button below to submit your application for this exclusive coaching opportunity. Dan is only working with a limited number of people who are ready and committed to building an amplified life, so put your heart and soul into it.

Then schedule a complimentary discovery call to talk more about where you’re at, what your goals are, and how the Life Amplified VIP Group Coaching program can help you accelerate your results.

Here's how the Life Amplified Program is different:

  • No recorded modules for you to work through. This is a LIVE, PERSONALIZED coaching experience with a customized curriculum to meet you where you're at. 
  • Daily support from Dan and his team in between coaching calls.
  • An expert mentor who can break down high level personal growth concepts into practical, easy to understand advice (Perfect for the people who've read Eckhart Tolle and said "Great, but what does this actually mean?")
  • A balance of powerful group learning dynamics and 1:1 support to help you implement and make the change REAL!


"Dan makes you want to wake up, get out there, and go conquer the world."

-Elvis Duran, Nationally syndicated Host of Elvis Duran and The Morning Show

"In just 4 weeks, I left my job and focused on building my own business.  Dan helped me work through old issues that were keeping me stuck, while holding me accountable to take daily action towards my goals.

I've doubled my old income, I'm excited about the work I'm doing, and the new found time I have to focus on my health and happiness. Coaching with Dan is the best thing I've ever done for myself!"

-Courtney, New Jersey

90 days ago, I was on autopilot, juggling two jobs, with no plan on how to get out of the situation. Dan has given me the tools to set boundaries, prioritize my goals, deal with difficult situations, and ultimately live my purpose. My loved ones have all noticed the changes in me. If you're willing to do the work, Dan will take your life to a whole new level. 

- Misty, Pennsylvania

"Dan has an ability to recognize your calling and purpose before it even becomes a clear vision for your future. Working with Dan has created a life with more clarity, ease, and exhilaration. I'm more driven and directed to bring my purpose into the world and am grateful for the fuel that Dan provided."

-Jen Hudak, 2-time X-Games Gold Medalist and Amazing Race contestant

“I’ve got to say Dan- somehow the questions you ask, the action items I set through my coaching sessions with you… I think they’re covered in magic dust. Every time I take a step forward, what you are helping me to create turns out to be 10 times better than I imagined!”

-Amy, California

“For the first time I feel like like I absolutely KNOW what I’m supposed to do with my life… and that feels really, really good! Thank you, Dan, for helping me find my calling and escape my 9-5 job!”

-Denise, Pennsylvania

More Praise From Life Amplified Graduates:

"The Life Amplified program has done more for me than I thought was possible. Not only did it help me figure out my purpose and what will help me feel excited about my work, but it began a healing process that I did not know I needed."--- Keri-Lyn, New York

"My life and soul are completely different today than they were when I began this program."-- Tannya, New York

"Dan is very intuitive and he leads you to the revelations you need. His knowledge on all aspects of personal growth is impressive. I give this 5-stars!"-- Laura, Ohio

Life Amplified


with Dan Mason